At Spectrum Hospitality, we are aiming to become one of the nations leading hospitality companies in the field of hotel guest amenities by following a fairly simple philosophy--offer a product of outstanding quality with equally outstanding values. The simplicity of that principle is backed up by a lot of hard work and years of experience in the field of furniture which helped to deliver outstanding service over the last 20 years dealing with exclusive european furniture brands.

Bath Accessories for hotels

Although it was not with hygiene in mind, the first records for the use of baths date back as far as 3000 B.C. At this time water had a strong religious value, being seen as a purifying element for both body and soul.

Aqua Lenin Bedroom is world of dreams and we are dream makers.

Dormio Organic Beds has a huge selection of natural or organic pillows, over 50 to choose from and knowledgable staff to help you make the right choice.