Spectrum Hospitality

“Our aim for the future is to augment our continual success and be first in quality, first in the service and first in value….”

Spectrum Hospitality has provided great services for its clients such as Spectrum Blue and Spectrum Gold. Now Spectrum Hospitality is set to introduce the famous British Brand “Brookes of London” into the Saudi Arabian hospitality market.

Spectrum cater for all budgets, large and small. Our clients range from small to medium hospitality establishments, to large international chains. One of our core strengths lies amongst our ability to understand the needs of our clients and utilise our resources to the optimum to fulfil those needs.

We have learned that customer satisfaction can be summed up in three words - Quality, Quantity & Accuracy. We have achieved superior levels of customer satisfaction by paying attention to the finest details in everything we do. That’s how we have developed exceptional levels of repeat business. We know what is important to both business and pleasure traveller’s and we deliver it.


Brand Story

Brookes of London’s

Brookes of London’s creations have taken the genre of hotel toiletries to an entirely new level, providing luxurious and refined hotel lines which are desirable and discreet, exclusive and unique, specifically selected for the niche hospitality industry.


Spectrum Hospitality

Spectrum Hospitality have created a tailor made service that will give hotels exactly what they are looking for. Our offer is a direct response to the increasing demand from hotels across the Globe seeking a simple, affordable and reliable customisation service.